Weekly, farmers’ and
Medieval markets … on the other side of the counter!

That’s how it all started! On the road at medieval markets, we brought the first Metwabe products to the people more than 15 years ago.

Back then still with a small stand, mostly on its own, Metwabe has been able to build up a growing, professional trader base alongside its own event teams! Metwabe-Mead offers its traders concrete sales arguments for medieval Christmas and farmers’ markets, and is appreciated and sought after by a constantly growing target group!

Ein typischer Marktstand der Metwabe

Most of our market traders are self-employed. With their own concept, they trade in mead as their main or secondary business at classic markets such as medieval, Christmas and farmers’ markets. While some traders earn their living with mead, others – often small entrepreneurs – use it as an attractive opportunity to occasionally “earn something on top” of their hobby.

The traders are completely free to decide how many and which varieties of our mead they want to offer. The most important thing for us is a relationship of mutual trust with our traders.

We offer Metwabe traders a unique range of more than 60 types of mead and mixed mead drinks at attractive purchasing conditions, a fixed and fair market price level and are also happy to help in close contact in everyday market life with event enquiries as well as consumption, advertising and information materials.

We also always welcome new traders! We are happy to help with putting together the basic equipment, offer product training and provide tips for getting started!

How do I become a trader of the Metwabe?

The basic requirement for becoming a trader with us is a registered trade. In addition to the trade licence, we ask for a short letter of motivation to determine whether the new trader fits into our system and how we can best support him!

Would you like to become a market trader at Metwabe?