Striking, unusual, exclusive –
Metwabe in retail

Enrich your beverage or delicatessen shop with mead now! The variety of honey wines and honey wine mixed drinks is unmatched in the industry and customers seek our high quality taste.

The honey wines of the Metwabe company are generally produced without the addition of sulphur. This makes them much more digestible, smoother in taste and more intense than products of other brands.

We offer retailers attractive purchasing conditions and an ever-expanding product range.

Seasonal and changing products –
Surprise the customer again and again !

In addition to our regular assortment, we also offer seasonally changing products to suit the taste of our customers. In summer, for example, we offer new, fresh mixed products, while winter is reserved for heavy, sweet mulled honey wine products.

display- and product-placement

We are happy to help you with the presentation of our products! Individual, customer-appealing display solutions for your salesroom and suitable advertising are available from us! Just get in touch with us!

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“Stationary retail”?